Marijuana and the Stigma that Surrounds it

Okay, so we hear all kinds of things about marijuana in our everyday lives (especially lately with legalization across the nation). Parents across the USA fear for their teens and fear  the possibility of their younger children somehow getting a hold of the plant.  Major media outlets such as CBS news have gotten on the reefer madness hysteria bandwagon  about a rare syndrome that has been around since the beginning of time for marijuana users. The syndrome is easily halted by stopping marijuana use and even taking a hot shower.  All that this type of media exposure is doing is putting nothing but fear into people about marijuana’s legalization movement when the plant itself helps people more than harms them. I can’t think of any situation where marijuana is harmful to someone.  The DEA even recently put CBD on the same list as other Schedule 1 drugs (which includes heroin and marijuana) CBD is from the marijuana plant but does not get you high, it relieves pain. Will the federal government ever accept the fact that a plant from the earth isn’t as harmful as alcohol or opiates?

There may still be a war against the federal legalization of marijuana but many people agree on one thing; other parts of the world have legalized it and now it’s time that the U.S.A. followed.

For an example, I’m a 25 almost 26 year old woman with Multiple Sclerosis.If you have no idea what Multiple Sclerosis is, click here. Marijuana doesn’t just help my muscle spasms and nerve pain, it has also stopped a lot of my P.T.S.D. symptoms.  It slows down my racing thoughts and  gives me a chance to think before acting irrationally.  This miracle plant has gotten me off muscle relaxants and has given me a chance at a better life.

I live in the state of Maine and I am blessed to have a medical marijuana card, but our Governor Paul Lepage is determined to try his best to halt recreational use another year against the will of Maine voters. This means if it doesn’t get legalized recreationally, i’ll have to pay a lot of money to renew my medical marijuana card this year and pay more for something at the dispensary that I could otherwise legally grow myself for less cost.


Marijuana doesn’t only help with MS, it helps with many symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease,  Cancer, Lupus, Lyme Disease, and everyday chronic pain. There are many other conditions it helps, but to list them all would take a century.


If you know anyone who is misinformed on the benefits of marijuana, step up and speak out. This is a way that you can inform them (or even possibly change their mind on the topic).  With a lot of hope and advocating as much as possible on the topic, we can get one more step towards legalization.

-Rebecca Elizabeth A Punk with MS


8 thoughts on “Marijuana and the Stigma that Surrounds it”

  1. I 100 % agree with every single word you said. I’m a 53 yr. old man whom is afflicted with multiple chronic illness/disease’s ,including m .s.,arthritis, fibromyalgia,high blood pressure, and chronic spine and neck issues, that. I’m actually day 5, post cervical /neck surgery on multiple levels.If it werent for the benefit of this wonderful, natural medicine.,dont know where id be.

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  2. Great article! It’s insane how ignorant people are, they can’t even be bothered to do their own research and just listen to old white guys from Fox News. I think it’s more than ignorance on the part of politicians as to why they are so negative against weed. It’s probably more about protecting the pharmaceutical companies. If weed was legal on all levels, federally and recreational, then big pharmacy will lose billions. We already know how it benefits lots of things with people so eventually as time goes on, there will be more research studies for all kinds of things. So there will be more ailments, diseases and disorders it will be known to help and combine that with people gaining the knolege that weed could help them instead of taking this prescription or that prescription drug, big phama will lose billions. If big pharmacy loses, politicians lose campaign contributions. It’s all about keeping Americans dumb and being dumb is what the majority of Americans do best. Keeping America dumb is in the best interest of politicians.

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    1. Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I agree with you 100%. it’s sad that our nation has became so money hungry and greedy. Hell, people are starving here in our own country and we have billionaires sitting on big enough piles of cash that would be more than enough to feed all of us. It’s disgusting and I hope that one day things turn around. Other countries have their shit together why don’t we? ugh.


  3. I love this! I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. Marijuana helps me calm down faster than anything else. Unfortunately I am in a state where it is not legal, and I’m on depression meds which have horrible side effects. People need to educate themselves about this plant!

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  4. I am a 19 yo man living in PA, I have countless problems that could be helped with marijuana use, depression, insomnia, chronic migraines, overall muscle and joint pain, type 2 bipolar, and many more. I live in a legal mmj state, however there are only 2 known dispensaries in the entire state, both on the same side of the state (bad for me). So I either have to wait for more widespread dispensaries, or wait until I move. I am happy with the overall progression towards legal marijuana in the years prior, although that may completely change under trumps administration. If everyone keeps spreading the positives of mmj and spreading our message to the higher-ups we will eventually achieve our goals.

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