Multiple Sclerosis is terrifying. It’s lack of control. You may wonder how to gain control of your life back. The first step is taking a deep breath and realizing that no matter how rough things get you still have a purpose in life. The depression from this struggle can be at an all-time high sometimes. Don’t let it beat you. Don’t let it win.

Be brave for your children and your significant other. If you have neither than be brave for your pets! In all honesty, the most important person that you need to be brave for is yourself. You can overcome this and you can get through this. Focus on a new project, enjoy the summer breeze, look around you and remind yourself of the beauties of being alive.

Our bodies are attacking itself but that doesn’t mean that we need to stop living. Realize your limits and reach for the stars. Don’t think that you aren’t capable of something great.


Here’s a task. Every day I want you to find something beautiful around you. Look at it. Indulge in it. Allow it to turn your vision into something less dark. You can do this.


With Love,

-Rebecca Elizabeth ( A Punk With MS)


4 thoughts on “Hope.”

  1. I have to say this was one of the most positive and inspiring posts I have read in a while! You are so right, just because our body may be attacking itself we must continue living. I used to have a huge issue with the lack of control with this illness, but then I realized that control may just be an illusion anyways so why let it bother me! I really did love reading your post!! I hope you have an amazing evening!!!


  2. Well said. Your encouraging words are timely for me. I have found myself sinking into a deep depression because of the loss of independence and control. Recently though, I’ve taken up painting my jeans jackets and vests and find it very satisfying. Keep up the great work and remember that you’re highly thought of. Blessings!🙏🏼❤️😘🌹


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